Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where To Download Karaoke Songs

In downloading karaoke songs there are several things that you will consider.
Would I be sued for copyright law violation if I download this karaoke or does the site provide legal downloading? Do I have to buy it or do I want to download it for free. Once you settle with this question you are now ready to download karaoke songs.

VCD and DVD karaoke format is the most common karaoke format and most widely supported by almost all Media Player application. This format is protected by copyright law since this is produced by a recording company. A recording company earns more money than the artist who only received a royalty of smaller amount for every sales made.

VCD and DVD karaoke format cannot be downloaded for free. You have to pay it. Every recording company set up each own website where you can buy and download this format. You cannot share this format on the web since sharing is against the copyright law. So the best place to download this karaoke format is from the website of the recording company itself.

There are also websites where you can buy and download this format legally. This site has the consent and is under a contract with the recording company who has the copyright of a certain karaoke songs. So before downloading this format, be sure the site has the consent and contract from the copyright holder or you will get sued.

The karaoke format which can be downloaded for free and is not protected by copyright law is .mid and .kar format karaoke. Some has the copyright but mostly this format does not have a copyright since this is produced mostly by individuals. Some companies produced this format but did not share it on the web. They embed it on their CD and DVD player device. So what they sell is the package of Karaoke and CD/DVD Player.

Lot of .mid and .kar karaoke format is available on the web. You just have to google the words “karaoke download” and several lists of sites that offer karaoke free download will appear.